[the next idea]

qaul.net - tools for the next revolution

Price: [the next idea] Stipendium - Grant

Artist Groups:
Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud (CH): Mathias Jud (CH), Christoph Wachter (CH)

http://www.qaul.net/a12, http://www.wachter-jud.net


qaul.net implements a redundant, open communication principle, in which wireless-enabled computers and mobile devices can directly form a spontaneous network. Chat and Twitter functions or movie streaming is possible independent of internet and cellular networks. qaul.net can spread like a virus, and an Open Source Community can modify it freely.

In a time of communication blackouts in places like Egypt, Burma, and Tibet, and given the large power outages often caused by natural disasters, qaul.net has taken on the challenge of critically examining existing communication pathways while simultaneously exploring new horizons.

We are developing qaul.net and will release it at the ARS electronica 2012 At the festival, we will install wifi stations to seed the network-’virus’ and spread the word about our project. Visitors to the exhibition in Linz will carry on qaul.net on their devices and might broadcast it elsewhere soon. From the ARS electronica, qual.net will grow and spread around the world.

Das Projekt wurde ferner noch unterstützt von Migros Kulturprozent/Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, Bundesamt für Kultur BAK