Interactive Art

MNM v091

Price: Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Christian Graupner (DE)


Cyberarts 2012 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2012

MNM v091 is a triple-channel audiovisual system of C. Graupner’s HRP [Humatic Re-Performing] series. Humatic re-performance concepts and technologies allow visitors access to pre-recorded music and dance. The spectators are invited to control the flow of a pre-recorded activity. To do so, they are given easy-to-learn physical interfaces. They select their degree of involvement and can change their role from observer to player to co-performer at any time, or can take over complete control of the system and play it as a musical instrument. 

MNM  autonomously generates always-new visual and musical clusters, which can be influenced and re-composed by operating push buttons, levers and a turn table interface . . . targeting direct (body)contact between visitor and video-performer. 

MNM  employs the arm of a modified traditional Japanese mojo figure, Maneki Neko. The triptych in its antique golden frame is a punch in the face for anyone who is optimistic without reason. Graupner’s radical, insane working methods result in a tightrope walk between cutting-edge autistic magic and death-metal spiralism. 

The MNM  film is organized in a triple helix. Non-linear but non-abrupt presentation and real-time access boost the spectators’ imagination of perfection in movement and sound art to a level where they might get an idea of what to find beyond cliché. Complex technologies and concepts are hidden behind collapsing surfaces showing permanently re-composing accidents to be controlled by human (failure). 

Christian Graupner (DE) Humatic, concept & video, composer
feat. Mieko Suzuki (JP) sound artist & performer,> Ming Wei Poon (SG/DE) performer, dancer