Digital Musics & Sound Art

Forma II

Price: Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Thomas Ankersmit (NL), Valerio Tricoli (IT)

Cyberarts 2012 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2012

Composed and recorded in Berlin in 2010 Forma II consists of four electro-acoustic pieces based largely on analog-synthesizer material and one long-form, swarm-like composition for multiple overdubbed saxophones. Additional sounds range from metal foil floating on ultrasonic sound-beams to mechanical clickers recorded in the abandoned radar domes at Teufelsberg outside Berlin. The raw materials have been extensively processed and reconstructed using analog tape and digital methods. The five pieces shift between sharply detailed blizzards of electronic interference to passages of delicate balance, between calm and turbulence, between stasis and rapid shape-shifting, between multiple virtual spaces and non-spaces.  The CD was mastered by Rashad Becker at Clunk in a limited edition of 1000. It is packaged in a pro-press digisleeve jacket, itself inside a one-tone silk-screened PVC sleeve with interweaving geometric designs, with artwork by Kathryn Politis and Bill Kouligas.

Forma II is the first collaborative output by Thomas Ankersmit and Valerio Tricoli and is Ankersmit’s second full-length CD.